The property is very well placed in order for you to explore the West of Crete with ease. Below you will find a few examples of what to see on this very diverse and beautiful island.

Chania is the second largest city in Crete.  It is steeped in history and interesting architecture.  Lose yourself within the old city, lunch in the Venetian harbour and purchase delicious local delicacies at the market (“Agora”).  Chania is a short 38km from Kissamos.

Kissamos (Kastelli-Kissamou) has a beautiful landscape and offers a beach with golden soft sand mixed with pebbles.  The city was very wealthy and therefore fortified by the Venetians.  Parts of these city walls can still be seen today.  There are many restaurants and cafés offering excellent meals.

Ancient Polyrinia is a short 6.5km from Kissamos.  Take a walk in the narrow streets and admire the Roman aquaduct, the Venetian arches and remnants of the historic fortifications.

Gramvoussa, Balos beach and lagoon can be visited by taking a daily cruise from the port of Kissamos.  Enjoy the fauna and flora in these magical locations, take a slow walk to the strategically placed Venetian fortress of Gramvoussa and reward yourself with the breathtaking views that are to follow.  The port of Kissamos also offers trips to Kythira, Antikythira and Piraeus.

The ruins of ancient Phalassarna are a short 17km drive away.  Explore the visible remains of this ancient city and reward yourself with a day spent on this magnificent golden beach.

Elafonissi is a tiny island separated from the shore by a lagoon.  The sand of Elafonissi is white, but in many places it is pinkish due to the thousands of broken seashells it contains. The blue-green waters will remind you of an exotic paradise.  It is a pleasant 42km drive from Kissamos.

Paleochora has a beautiful long sandy beach and offers a variety of fabulous restaurants and shopping.

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